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Tungsten Shakey Jig Head

Tungsten Shakey Jig Head

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X Zone Tungsten Shakey Jig Heads are what is needed when the bite gets tough. Made from 97%, Eco Friendly, Pure Tungsten, these jig heads are far superior to their lead competitors in both size and sensitivity.
The screw lock bait keeper secures your bait firmly to the head and allows you to present in a stand up position for the perfect presentation every time!

Available in:

  • Black
  • Green Pumpkin

Available sizes:

  • 3/16 oz 4/0 (2 per pack)
  • 1/4 oz 5/0 (2 per pack)
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Customer Reviews

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Phil Smith
The X Zone Tungsten Shakey Head Outperforms Lead

The X Zone Tungsten Shakey Head outperforms the lead shakey heads due to a couple of observations that i’ve noticed with my experience. 1. the smaller head allows for a more natural presentation 2. it comes through cover due to the smaller head with much less effort. 3. finally the unique sound tungsten gives hitting off hard cover generates strikes! Phil Smith 2024 Phoenix BFL All American Qualifier. Pretty Work X Zone!