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Adrenaline Craw Jr. 3.5" (7 Pack)

Adrenaline Craw Jr. 3.5" (7 Pack)

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The brainchild of Bass Master Elite Series Pro, Brandon Palaniuk, the X Zone Lures Pro Series Adrenaline Craw features a proven fish catching design that reflects the creative thoughts and ideas of a highly successful tournament professional. This versatile craw has super aggressive, ribbed claws that generate unbelievable action and produce unmatched water displacement on the retrieve making it one of the best baits for bass.

Swim the craw on its own, drag it on a Carolina rig, or use it as a trailer on your favorite chatterbait or jig to add a vigorous kicking action to your presentation. The X Zone Lures Pro Series Adrenaline Craw is constructed with floating claws that shift it into a defensive position when at rest on the bottom to provide a perfect, upright presentation every time!

Most Popular Techniques

  • Flipping
  • Pitching
  • Punching
  • Swim Jig
  • Buzzbait
  • Vibrating Jig

Most Popular Rigging

  • Texas Rig 
  • Tokyo Rig
  • Jig Trailer
  • Carolina Rig
  • Wobble Head

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tim T.
Adrenaline Craw

These things are awesome on chatter baits and swim jigs ! Perfect texture and action. Absolutely no complaints. Great job guys 👏👏👏

Seth Hope
Adrenaline Craw Jr. Review

I truly enjoy using the Adrenaline Craw and the junior model as well. What I like most about the Adrenaline Craw Jr. is the complete versatility. It’s one of my go-to jig trailers, as well as a staple Texas rig option. The fish will respond to this lure in cold water where they will often turn away from larger profiles, making its a deadly tool any time of year. With the great color options in this line of baits, it’s no wonder why you’ll always see a few rigged in different ways on the deck of my boat.