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Pro Series Mini Swammer 3.5" (8 Pack)

Pro Series Mini Swammer 3.5" (8 Pack)

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The X Zone Pro Series Mini Swammer is a highly developed finesse swimbait making it unique in the market. The Pro Series Mini Swammer has soft curved ribbed sides, a unique three-dimensional paddle tail with a compact keel shaped body that creates lifelike movement and enticing action. It is perfectly suited for a wide-range of finesse applications at any level of the water column, like shakey heads, football heads, swim jigs, umbrella rigs, vibrating jigs, weighted or non-weighted swimbait hooks.

The Pro Series Mini Swammer special design allows it's tail to stand up to mimic a bottom feeding minnow or baitfish when fished on a football or shakey head. It also works great on a Drop Shot Rig! Fish it with hook sizes 2/0 – 4/0 for best hook up ratio. Great for Largemouth bass, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye and Red Fish! Made with our Exclusive X Zone Scent and Superfine Salt to make fish bite and hold on.

Most Popular Techniques

  • Swim Jig
  • Vibrating Jig
  • Straight Retrieve
  • Jigging

Most Popular Rigging

  • Underspin
  • Swimbait Head
  • Swimbait Hook
  • Swim Jig Trailer
  • A Rig
  • Foot Ball Head


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Aidan Smit
The best small swimbait with a tight tail kick

Can slow roll it on bottom in deep water and the tail still has a tight shimmy to it, or can throw it on a 1/8 head up shallow and it works just as well for cruising smallies.

David English
Mini swammer 3.5

They look amazing. Can not wait to get out on the water this weekend to put the new arsenal to the test here in quebec pike and walley open sat i will be out at some point to scratch the itch and put the mini swammers to the test here on the st lawrence or at massawippi.