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Swammer 5.5" (4 Pack)

Swammer 5.5" (4 Pack)

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The X Zone 5.5" Swammer is made with our innovative rib design and unique three-dimensional paddle tail that creates lifelike movement, enticing vibration and subtle side to side rolling action making this bait Perfect for any condition! Made with our Exclusive X Zone Scent and Superfine Salt making fish strike and hold on!

The X Zone 5.5" Swammer can be easily fished through vegetation, slow rolled over deep structure, burned over shallow grass or dragged across deep rocky ledges. They can also be fished weightless as they cast a mile! Fish it with hook sizes 5/0 – 7/0 for best hook up ratio. Fish it with an underspin to add a some extra flash.

Fish it for a wide variety of species such as bass, walleye, pike, musky, redfish and many others.

The X Zone 5.5" Swammer is offered in an array of forage matching colors to meet any situation. Tie one on and get ready to CATCH BIG FISH!

Most Popular Techniques

  • Swim Jig
  • Vibrating Jig
  • Straight Retrieve
  • Jigging

Most Popular Rigging

  • Underspin
  • Swimbait Head
  • Swimbait Hook
  • Swim Jig Trailer
  • A Rig

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Timothy Chu

Swammer 5.5" (4 Pack)

guillaume carcenac

Marche bien avec hameçon simple owner 9/0 dans les herbiers. Bonne durabilité. Le coloris pink n est plus disponible, dommage

Jacob Marini
5.5” Swammer

Hands down the best swimbait on the market, price quality, colour options, and performance are on point. I have one tied on all season long

Allan M Stewart
Great Lure

Great Lure, one of the best swim baits i have used. Great customer service